Knowledge Watch - Suggested Reading for the Holiday Season

Austin Kleon, a writer and artist living in Austin, Texas, wrote a wonderful book about creativity and being creative entitled "Steal like an artist". The subtitle reads "10 things nobody told you about being creative". It is exactly the kind of book one wants to read during the holiday: It is short and easy to understand, it has a wonderful layout and a handy shape (square - the shape, not the content), but most of all it is fun to read and definitely hits the mark.

In his book Kleon gives 10 pieces of advice to unlock your creativity. One of them is "Steal like an artist" - the title of the book. He shows conclusively that nothing is really new or original, but you picked it up somewhere as an experience. The question is what you steal and how you do it. And although Kleon clearly comes from an art-background his advice is not only for the creative artist, but for everyone who wants to enhance his or her creativity.


Kleon admits that "all advice is autobiographical" and includes a lot of his own experiences into the book. But this is not a drawback, it is an asset of this book. I personally like the book a lot because it contains so many things about creativity I strongly agree with, especially "Write the book you want to read". So my advice to read the book is, of course, totally autobiographical.


I wish all of my readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy New and Creative Year.

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