Tensions in Team Creativity

My colleague Jörg Niemann and me started a new Working Paper Series at Hochschule Düsseldorf - University of Applied Sciences called "Working Papers in Industrial Engineering". To push-start the new series I wrote a paper called "Tensions in Team Creativity". After I published papers on individual creativity, corporate creativity, creative products and creative heuristics, a paper on creative teams was the next logical step. Here is the abstract:


This paper explores the tensions in team creativity. The tensions in team creativity are based on a tension between originality and effectiveness in the standard definition of creativity. To display the tensions in team creativity, the value square (“Wertequadrat”)developed by Schulz von Thun (1998) is used which balances a value with its countervalue. The author identifies tensions for cohesion, consensus and conformity. Cohesion is described as a tension between team diversity and team safety, consensus as a tension between constructive controversy and participatory decision-making and conformity as a tension between support for innovation and task orientation. Finally, the connection of individual and team creativity is described as an interplay between solitary and interactive components


DOI 10.20385/2627-8375_1


Link: https://opus4.kobv.de/opus4-hs-duesseldorf/1676