Transport Carbon Footprint in German CEP Industry

Nadine Görs and I published an article on "Transport Carbon Footprint in the German Courier, Express and Parcel Industry (CEP Industry)" in the journal uwf - Umweltwirtschaftsforum / Sustainability Management Forum at Springer:


Transport is to a vast extent responsible for the greenhouse gas emissions of logistics companies. The DIN EN 16258:2013-03 was introduced to simplify and standardize the calculation of greenhouse gas emissions of transport activities. The authors try to clarify which tools and approaches for the transport carbon footprint calculation are commonly used and accepted in the German CEP (short for courier, express, parcel) industry. Their findings are based on interviews with industry representatives. As a result it can be concluded that the CEP industry indeed plays a leading role in the measurement of the transport carbon footprint, but that there is no generally accepted tool or approach for the transport carbon footprint calculation. Furthermore, there are considerable differences between CEP service providers and other freight forwarders with regard to transport carbon footprinting.