Strategy Case Book

My colleagues Alessandro Monti, Markus Raueiser and me just published a case entitled "A Brazilian Love Affair - Did ThyssenKrupp's Internationalization Strategy Fail?" in the 2nd edition of the Strategy Case Book. Here is what the cover text of the book has to say about the book:

This book contains 17 compelling and engaging case studies aimed at general management and strategy students. Students may use this collection of cases to apply and better understand standard as well as advanced concepts and theories of strategic management. The cases contained in this book are organized around central themes in strategic management, including strategic analysis, strategy content, strategy process and context. The book is designed to support the learning of fundamental strategy concepts and theories. In addition the book provides support in the learning of advanced management themes such as competitive dynamics, macroculture, and approaches to post-merger integration, that go beyond the scope of standard strategy case books. The cases place students in real-world desicion situations that span a range of organization types and contexts.

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