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Usually I write my blog in German. And usually I also tend to do my interviews in German - if anyone cares to do an interview with me at all. So when Simone Amores from Projektwerk asked to interview me, I initially assumed that it was in German. But since it was for the international version of the Projektwerk-Blog, I was forced to give my answers in English. So here is something for all the English-speaking people out there - a world premier on the Knowledge Gorilla-Blog...

The interview runs under the headline "Consulting experts introduce themselves". I had to answer questions ranging from "What was the most interesting project you have implemented?" and "What was the biggest challenge that you had to face?" to "What will you do in 10 years" - the question I always hated in job interviews.


So you see the questions were quite challenging and I had to use all my wits and charms to give answers that were even remotely interesting, so that people won´t get bored to death reading it. Along the way I cite clever people like psychologist Paul Watzlawick, inventor James Dyson, historion J.B. Bury and ice-hockey player Wayne Gretzky. Like I always say: It´s better to use a good quote than to come up with a clumsy formulation on your own.


You can read the full interview on:

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